Terminator Genisys – Why You Should Give A S***


So if you didn’t already know, another installment of the Terminator franchise is on the way next summer. Terminator: Genisys will see the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the franchise as well as our sixth different John Connor, who will be played by Jason Clarke. Today, Entertainment Weekly revealed the first images from the upcoming sci-fi flick and a trailer is expected soon. But what everyone really wants to know is, why should they give a s*** about another Terminator movie?

It’s a fair question. The last two installments of the franchise were less than awesome. Terminator 3 was disappointing to say the least. Though, it did have the impossible job of following up one of the best sequels of all time.


Sadly, Terminator: Salvation wasn’t much better.  Even with a really great cast and one of the most promising trailers in recent memory, it fell unreasonably short of the high expectations. The only thing that is really worth remembering from it is Christian Bale’s unforgettable rant.


Yeah Bale, we kind of got that.

One could make the argument that a fifth Terminator movie is just a cash grab and a total waste of time. While the cash grab part is probably true for almost every high budget Hollywood movie, the waste of time part might not be as true. The first images that EW posted were really promising and showcased the right vibe. Granted, it’s just a couple of pictures, but it’s starting off on the right foot.


Big guns, check. Cool jackets, check. T – 1000, check. Hot chick from Game of Thrones on a motorcycle, check.

So aside from the magazine covers looking pretty cool, the other thing worth noting is that the cast for this movie is really solid. Jason Clarke was awesome in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and is prefect for John Connor. Emilia Clarke has been nothing shy of great in Game of Thrones and will surely add some depth to the Sarah Connor character. Plus, Doctor Who fans will recognize that dapper gentleman on the far left as Matt Smith. He was one of the best Doctor’s that series has ever seen and sci-fi fans can’t wait to see him break out into the greater Hollywood universe.

Say for all of that though, one major draw is the previously mentioned Governator. The fact of the matter is Arnold has been a fixture in the action movie world for decades, but he isn’t getting any younger and we won’t get to see all that many more action movies with him on the marquee. Most of his recent films have been underwhelming but Terminator: Genysis at least has the potential to be really cool. So, if for no other reason we should all care because we get to see Arnold back once more on the big screen.


Terminator: Genisys is due out on July 1, 2015.

Post by Ryan Scott 

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