Netflix Movies To Stream This Halloween!


Happy Halloween, meme lovers! Being that it’s All Hallows Eve, we decided to put together a little list of great horror movies that are currently streaming on Netflix. You know, in case you decide to stay in and watch a movie instead of trying to trick or treat as a human adult. Enjoy!

Cabin In The woods 


Not totally sure if that statement is 100% true, but in any case it totally happens in Cabin In The Woods, which should be enough reason to watch it.



He luck may have run out, but lucky for you Jennifer Aniston is insanely hot in this movie. Also, it’s hilariously terrible.


Ju On

If there is one thing Japanese people are great at, it’s making sushi. If there are two things Japanese people are great at, it’s making sushi and horror movies. Case in point, Ju-On.



Oh Ghostface, you old joker you. Now, get back to stabbin’ teenagers!

Stake Land


Tired of crappy vampire movies? Stake Land will likely make you un-tired, cuz it’s not crappy. Seriously, look at all that f****** acclaim!

Halloween Resurrection


Netflix doesn’t have the first two Halloween movies, but you gotta get your Michael Myers fix somehow. So watch the one with Busta Rhymes in it.

You’re Next


Hot chick with an axe? Check. Movie title written in blood on the wall? Check. Critical acclaim? Check. You’re Next is a safe bet for pretty much any horror fan.

Night of the Living Dead


First off, Night of the Living Dead  is one of the best horror movies of all time. Second, don’t you wanna know if they get Barbara?



For fans of found footage horror, V/H/S is absolutely the way to go (1 or 2, they’re both great). Also, that chick totally likes you.

Evil Dead 2


Ya know what’s groovy? Bruce Campbell. Ya know what his grooviest movie is? Evil Dead 2. So you should absolutely watch it, even if you’ve seen it a million times.

Happy Halloween!

Post by Ryan Scott 

Twitter: @Radio_Adventure 

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