Doctor Benedict Cumberstrange Is Happening – Marvel Is Casting Cumberbatch As Doctor Strange


Yep. It looks like after months of speculation and wondering who would be dawning the auspiciously awesome red cape for Marvel’s Doctor Strange¬†Deadline has reported that it will likely be Benedict Cumberbatch. After talks with Joaquin Phoenix reportedly fell through the laundry list of potential actors for the role ranged from Jared Leto to Keanu Reeves. However, it should be noted that according to the report negotiations are set to begin and Cumberbatch is the studios choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s a done deal. The fact of the matter is that he is a busy guy and Marvel’s notoriously long multi-picture deals may not work for his busy schedule. In any case, should things pan out, Marvel just scored huge. Odds are that die hard fans and casual moviegoers alike will be into the Doctor Benedict Cumberstrange idea. Jokes aside, looking at the two guys side by side really helps one realize how cool this could be.



The Sherlock actor absolutely has the chops to play the part in the Doctor Strange movie and we are all excited for a formal announcement. Perhaps that’s what Marvel’s press conference on Tuesday is all about?

Post by Ryan Scott

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