Cross-Dresser Mocks Celebrities And Wins The Internet

Liam Martin has to be the funniest 17 year olds on the planet. His instagram account has over 1.5 million followers. One thing Liam displays regularly is his love for cross-dressing like celebrities. It’s the perfect mixture of attention to detail and hilarious faces.

Check out a few of the silly pictures:

cross-dress-celebrities cross-dress-celebrities-2 cross-dress-celebrity-3 cross-dress-celebrity-4 cross-dress-celebrity-6 cross-dress-celebrity-7 corss-dress-celebrity-8 cross-dress-celebrity-9 cross-dress-celebrity-10 cross-dress-celebrity-11 cross-dress-celebrity-12 cross-dress-celebrity-13 cross-dress-celebrity-14 cross-dress-celebrity-15 cross-dress cross-dress cross-dress-funny cross-dress-funny cross-dress-funny cross-dress cross-dress cross-dress cross-dress cross-dress-funny cross-dress-funny cross-dress cross-dress-funny cross-dress-lorde cross-dress-funny

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