This Family Has One Weird Decoration, But It Isn’t Just During Halloween



We all know that one family that leaves their Christmas lights up all year long. It’s a real eye sore for the neighborhood. Basically those lights can really only be used to celebrate one event all year long.

Well this family has that one decoration that stays up all year long. Only, it has become a staple of the neighborhood and not an eye sore at all.

Halloween is typically the only time of the year you see a skeleton hanging outside someone’s house. I guess that is because most people don’t know how to be creative with it. One Redditor named nolasagne shared pictures of what his family does with their skeleton decoration.

Instead of stashing it in the attic or basement his family keeps it out all year. And it’s pretty freaking funny.

It Started With Halloween:



But then Winter rolled around:


Merry Christmas: 


Finally Spring arrived:


Which means it’s time to get your green on!:


I bet this terrified the kids during the Easter egg hunt:


And sometimes you gotta celebrate a birthday:


I had no idea skeletons cared so much about Canada Day:


I would call them lazy for not putting it away, but they put forth some effort to keep it looking good.

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