The Best April Fools Pranks From Around The Web 2014

best april fools websites

Here are some of the best April Fool’s Pranks via your favorite sites from around the web. Enjoy!

Youtube Announces New Viral Videos – (Turns out YouTube was behind every viral video this whole time)

Google Maps introduces the Pokemon Challenge

reddit introduces headit a revolutionary way to browse reddit


Google+ introduces Photobombs with David Hasselhoff


TechCrunch introduces its new cryptocurrency CrunchCoin 


Virgin America has teamed up with Nest to roll out climate controlled seating on Virgin flights 

American Eagle Outfitters introduces its new clothing line for dogs 


LinkedIn adds a new job opening for a Punch Card Programmer


Tumblr rolls out ‘Tumblr Pro’ which apparently adds top hats to user profiles


Honda introduces the world’s first DIY car 

DeviantART ‘thought art’ art that can be created using your mind


ThinkGeek introduces products like the Unicorn Drinking Horn and the Beard 


the-beard-machine reports that Twitter has reached maximum tweet capacity 


The Pirate Bay become the Virtual Boy


Google Japan introduces some sort of texting robot 


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