#StarbucksFail – 15 Pics


#StarbucksFail – 15 Pics:  Proof that starbucks has been misspelling your name for years.

Worthy – Im sorry, but how do you spell “Worthy” wrong?.. my name is an actual word! via

starbucks fail worthy


Jessica – Cause that’s how most people spell Jessica right? @JSwan9

starbucks fail jessica



Mary – Apparently, I pronounce my name with a P instead of an M. Good to know. via

starbucks fail mary


Blake – I guess Brake is close enough

starbucks fail


Kim – “After spelling my 3 letter name twice. And I was the only woman in line.” @kbwineman

starbucks fail kim

Jamie – Another #starbucksfail! Ah well, at least this one’s closer than yesterday. @BeautyChick101

starbucks fail jamie



Emily – “Can I get your name?” “Yeah, it’s Emily” Assembly. @EmilyMahapatra

starbucks fail emily



Jill – Who the heck is ‘Front’ & why do I have their drink?? “Jill” sounds NOTHING like “Front” @jk_roll34

starbucks fail jill



Troy – It’s only four letters and they still managed to screw it up. @MOtrizzle

star bucks fail troy



Carmen – It’s Carmen! @turtlegirlx07

starbucks fail carmen



Keith – Nice try but I don’t think that last one is a letter. via

starbucks fail kieth



Gunner – I guess this is better than the time Panera thought my name was “butter”. via

starbucks fail


Giselle – Okay, who would name their kid “Jasel” for real… Apparently my parents. @Giselle_M7

starbucks fail giselle




Clearly that’s how you spell Rachel, Gabriela, Alexis, and Brina… via

starbucks fail


I don’t even feel bad for this guy try spelling Eyðun Syderbø  @EydunSyderbo

starbucks fail aio



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