10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – Lack the time or creativity to come up with a really great costume? Well hopefully some of these costumes will help you out.


You could go as a Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan halloween costume


Or a formal apology

last minute halloween costume ideas


or identity theft

identity theft halloween costume


Or theres always God’s gift to women

gods gift to women


Or when life gives you lemons

last minute halloween costume life gives you lemons


or the gingerbread man (caution: must have red hair)

ginger bread man halloween costume


or go as Pinterest looks easy enough

pinterest halloween costume


Or go as twitter… just write some crap on a white board and you’re good to go

twitter halloween costume


Or you could be like Jim Halpert and write book on your face… you get the idea

facebook jim halpert


and if you really can’t think of anything else just write a simple 404 costume not found on your shirt and boom instant costume!

last minute costumes error 404


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