Reddit Has Become Obsessed With The Doomba

Reddit has become obsessed with weaponized roombas or more aptly named Doomba (for the imminent doom they ultimately bring on their unsuspecting victims). It all started when a redditor announced his latest creation “The Doomba” a knife taped to a roomba and well let’s just say things escalated pretty quickly from there.



doomba 2Doomba 2.0 via


doomba 3

Doomba 3.0 via


doomba 5Doomba 4.0 via



and then finally if you can’t afford a roomba let alone a various assortment of weapons to attach to it,  you can always opt for the ‘poor man’s doomba’ aka a swiffer with knives attached.


the poor mans doombaPoor Man’s Doomba via

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